Making a daily difference at Convergint

At Convergint, our greatest strength is our people. Convergint is made up of a diverse network of global colleagues who believe wholeheartedly in our service-first mission and our guiding Values and Beliefs. We have thousands of colleagues across the globe and invest $20 million per year on colleague training and certification.

If you own your position on the team, have integrity when no one is watching, and believe in balancing your work life with a little fun & laughter, then Convergint is the place for you. Join us today to make a daily difference!

Who We Are

Convergint is a global, service-based systems integrator whose top priority is service in every way—service to customers, colleagues, and community. Our company was built upon a solid foundation of 10 Values and Beliefs, originally written by our founding colleagues as the principles that would drive our positive culture. We encourage our colleagues to live by these Values and Beliefs on a daily basis, whether at home, at work, or in their communities. Our unique and empowered culture, guided by our Values and Beliefs, help us stay accountable to our mission, and our number one objective: to be our customers’ best service provider.

Talent Development Strategy

Convergint believes that investing in colleagues’ personal and professional growth is the cornerstone of its ongoing success. We encourage continuous self-improvement and ensure that colleagues from diverse backgrounds have access to the same skills development opportunities. By equipping colleagues with essential skills and tools, we empower them to effectively meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. We also create opportunities for early promotion that allow our colleagues to fast-track their career development.

Inclusion & Diversity

Convergint strives to foster a supportive, accessible, and inclusive environment in which individuals of different backgrounds and identities are able to realise their maximum potential within the company. We recognise the critical importance of diversity in our workforce so as to reach our goal of being our customers’ best service provider. To achieve this, Convergint has committed to the principles and initiatives outlined on the I&D page.


A Culture of Giving

One of Convergint’s most deeply-held Values and Beliefs is “We believe in balanced lives—family, business, community.” It is foundational at Convergint to balance time, energy, and commitment across these three areas. This belief empowers us to act generously and responsibly to the world around us, and our ongoing commitment to social responsibility is central to our success as an organisation.

Life at Convergint APAC

Now hiring across the APAC region!

Learn more about how Convergint handles personal information collected about applications by viewing our Colleague & Application Privacy Notice. Convergint is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities. If assistance or accommodation during the application process is needed due to a disability, please contact us at